Migration Without Boundaries

So last weekend I helped run Migration Without Boundaries, an interdisciplinary graduate conference on migration. This was the culmination of months of work by other, more involved people on the organizing committee. I basically just did troubleshooting and did tech stuff. I don’t actually study migration, although I find it fascinating and fully understand why so many of my colleagues do, so I didn’t submit a paper or chair a panel, but I might submit something next year.

Friday and Saturday where very intellectually stimulating, and reminded me of the things that I like about academia. Which, frankly, is everything but the job market, really. But meeting interesting scholars and having interesting conversations has always been really rewarding for me. Everyone telling me how interesting my own research is was nice too.

So Friday and Saturday were super busy, and Sunday, when I usually write posts at the last minute, I woke up with a migraine, which is why I missed the update on Monday. This has kind of been a terribly stressful semester, super busy in general, and very taxing, which has left me scrambling to get posts up at the last minute usually. Kind of caught up to me this week, but oh well.


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