An actual post about Diablo III

Or should I say daibo III, hey-o! By which, of course, I mean that I’m playing a monk and I was using a legendary diabo for a while and it looked super cool but then I replaced it with a massive hammer because the Dexterity bonus was too good to pass up even though I still really want to dual-wield fist weapons but I don’t see that happening any time soon and…

Okay let me dial this back a bit.

I’m really enjoying Diablo III, like, play it later than I should because I need to get up in the morning enjoy it. Well actually I’ve still been going to bed at a reasonable time but right before that? Diablo III. I think part of why I’ve been enjoying it more than the previous games is because I’m playing it on Xbox, often online with my best friend. Playing games with other people makes them more fun, generally.

So I’ve been playing a monk, which was a shoe-in because I love martial artist type classes, generally, and the monks are also very slavic, which I find appealing as well. So far the loot hasn’t been super, monk-y, but hey, when it comes to fighting the forces of Hell, you use the tools you have. What’s great about the game is that all the armor renders differently depending on the class you’re playing, so my monk is always wearing monk clothes, no matter what the gear itself is. Can’t say the same for the weapons but a bald, bearded, vaguely-Russian sounding monk with a two handed hammer seems fitting, so I can’t complain.

I’m part way through Act II, not sure how far, but the game is pretty engrossing. There’s a lot of lore to be found scattered around the world, which is cool because I like lore, especially when it’s unobtrusive like in Diablo III. In Skyrim, or Mass Effect, or Fallout, I have to open up a separate screen to read the lore, while in Diablo III, a character reads it to me, while I bash demons. It’s win-win. Especially in today’s world of tiny text in every video game, which is super annoying!

There are also tons of little rewards in the game for completing sections or killing X monsters or whatever, in the form of challenges, which are basically in-game achievements. Personally, I like achievements, I like getting them and looking at them afterwards and having that sense of, well, achievement. The challenges usually come with the added bonus of unlocking new shapes or backgrounds or icons for your banner as well. Each player gets a banner that shows up in the base (New Tristram in the first act) which you can customize and, if you click on somebody else’s banner, you can teleport directly to them, which is useful if you had to go back to town to fix your gear or something, and want to catch up quickly. There are a ton of options, which means there are many, many potential combinations, allowing for the chances of identical banners being pretty slim. I like little rewards like that, they give me a tangible reward for not just running down the plot-point quests and ignoring the wider game-world.

You can also buy dyes to change the color of your equipment, so you don’t always have some garish clown look going on. I hate the garish clown look, and I’m a sucker for character customization, so again, win-win.


Diablo III is a video game and it is very fun

I was going to write a blog post, but instead I just played more Diablo.

Well I’ll write a really short blog post, because honestly I’m drawing a total blank on what to write. I got Diablo III on Xbox 360 today and I love it. I always like the Diablo games, but never owned them so I never got that into them, except now I do own Diablo III, so I can get into it like whoa. I’m probably going to buy Diablo II and, if I can find it still, Diablo, so I can replay those (and in the case of II, actually finish it).

I’m sorry this is such a lame post, but hey, they can’t all be gold.