What have I been writing?

Since I stopped posting on this blog the last time, early in January, I’ve been doing some actual paying work. Specifically, I’ve been writing blog posts on a variety of subjects for a brand marketing company based in Seattle. They’re pretty cool, and the pay is pretty good, so it’s worked out well. The job … Continue reading

Damn, I should have written it down.

And I should have, when I thought of it last night. It was a really good tagline for a blog that keeps coming back periodically, somewhat pointlessly. Reborn like the dumbest phoenix. That was it, or something like it. A blog, born over and over from some fire it was too lazy to avoid getting … Continue reading


I’ve decided to put this blog on hiatus until further notice. I’ll post here again once I have a better idea of what I’m doing with the blog.



There was no post on Monday and there won’t be a post on Friday, and this isn’t really much of a post. I’m making some changes to the blog and the kind of content I’ll be posting here, though I don’t have the details fully worked out. Between this and a lot of travel and … Continue reading